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Girl Talk

lmntm_rack_card_front-fin-000It is very easy to tell our girls to be strong, don’t do this, don’t do that, and who cares what others think, etc. , but do they buy into it? How do we raise a girl to feel worthy – worthy of good friends, worthy of healthy relationships, worthy of speaking her mind and of being heard, worthy of her dreams, worthy of trying nobody else has done. Self-esteem and confidence is a necessary factor building self worth. If self worth is not cultivated it opens the door for girls to do things they may not really want to do because they don’t have the courage or strength to say no. It may be coming from a place of fear rather than a place of personal love, respect and power.

We must teach our girls that they are valuable and have a voice by giving them the information and tools they need for their life’s journey. When girls feel confident about their bodies, their intelligence, their worthiness and their sexuality, they have the opportunity to go into the world and fully express themselves. If they spend too much time having conversations about not being good enough, pretty enough, sexy enough or accepted enough then their hopes and dreams will be limited.


Girl Talk educates, empowers and inspires girls by raising positive self-awareness. The purpose of Girl Talk is to foster self respect and develop social-emotional skills to navigate successfully in our global society.


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Girl Talk Topics

  1. Bullying – Haters Gonna Hate
  2. Goal Setting – All I do Is Win
  3. Healthy Relationships – Keepin’ It 100
  4. Self-Esteem – Young Girls Matter


Girl  Talk Topic Overviews

  • Bullying-Peer Conflicts; Harassment; Cyber Bullying: Participants will learn about the various types of bullying and strategies that have proven effective on responding to bullying. Through role play they will learn how to skillfully handle aggressive behaviors and what to do if they witness someone being bullied.
  • Goal Setting-Decision Making Skills, Leadership: Workshop will define short and long term goals Participants will have the opportunity to formulate personal goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Participants will learn effective problem-solving skills, and the consequences affecting those choices through guided activities. Characteristics and qualities that define a leader will be explored. Participants will examine their own leadership abilities and practice those skills within the group setting.
  • Healthy Relationships-Social Skills, Teen Dating, Sexual Abuse: Participants will explore the fundamentals of healthy relationships as it relates to peers siblings, parents. This topic involves interaction and communication with others in verbal and nonverbal ways to expand awareness of various forms of dating and dating abuse. The will identify the warning signs of potentially abusive relationships, and be given an opportunity to evaluate current relationships.
  • Self-Esteem-Mental Health; Morals/Values; Sex; Body Image: Participants will explore their strengths and interests, how morals and values are instrumental to personal development, learn about the leading causes of stress and its effects on mental health and identify strategies to handle daily stressors. Stereotypical myths concerning attractiveness will be covered as well as abstinence and the emotional risks of being sexually active.

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