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Book Reviews

“Lessons Mama Never Taught Me” addresses some of the more pressing issues that are impacting our society today. Dr. January makes a good point that not only is it important for mothers to discuss current and relevant lessons with their daughters but it is crucial that fathers discuss them with their sons as well.”

Dr. James Muhammad, Atlanta. Ga., Director of Financial Literacy Clark Atlanta University


“I wanted to let you know that I immediately ordered and read your book. I found pieces of my past inseveral of the women. I could have easily been number 11. I am so glad you took the time to share these unfortunate stories in the hope that our future generations of mothers find the time, courage and words to guide their children.”



“Preventive is always better than having to implement intervention strategies. Numerous steps have been provided in this book that will assist women of all ages in avoiding some of the pitfalls of life to share with other women and young girls.”

Diane Johnson, Chicago, Illinois, MSW C.P.S.


“Eye opening. Was totally immersed in the women’s stories. Found myself relating to some of the same problems and issues they have experienced. It’s clear why “Lessons Mama Taught Me” was written. When we know better we can do better.

Bonita Walker Chicago, Illinois, RN


“Insightful, informative, revealing and liberating. Includes those lessons that must be taught. This book will empower whoever reads it.”

Dr. Crystal Spielman, Albany, New York, PsyD.


“Bravo”to the women who had the courage to disclose their most personal stories. They proved that we can conquer anything once we affirm our inner strength. These women are my new sheroes.”

Erica Pearson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ph.D.


“The stories are encouraging and motivating and could happen to anyone of us. How these women survived and healed from their traumas is amazing. You will certainly find out the lessons they missed while growing in mama’s house.

George Bennett, Indianapolis, Indiana Teacher


“Clear cut in-depth lessons that should be taught from the cradle to the classroom. It is a reminder that not only must we teach but we must also model by practicing what we preach.”

Phillip McGraw Boston, Massachusetts, M.D.


“This book covers various lessons that are needed on the journey from puberty to adulthood. Both daughters and sons as well as women and men who are still learning life’s tough lessons will benefit from reading this book.”

Dr. Tasneem Siddiqui, Santa Rosa, California, Assistant Professor of American Studies, U.S.C.


“OMG!! I started reading your book last night. First, let me say THANK YOU for giving voice to our stories, thank for encouraging women to educate our daughters so that they don’t have to learn these lessons the hard way like we did. They can and should be able to make informed life choices. Thank you for showing women that we are more alike than we think and it goes beyond color.  We as women must learn to celebrate and support each other. I am so honored that God saw fit to allow our paths to cross. I usually fly through books while reading but I want to savor the lessons that I’m learning from you. Therefore, I will slowly devour this book and I’ll get back to you when I finish.”

Crystal, Indianapolis, Indiana


“I am so glad I purchased your book, it is a awesome book. I was surprised how good it was. I put your picture on my Facebook page. I am going to tell everyone about you. May the Lord God continue to bless you.”

Rosie Nowlin